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Is dual boot via wake on lan possible?

Is dual boot via wake on lan possible?

Is it possible to set up a PC so it can Wake on Lan and then have the option of which OS to boot into?

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"I'm up against the same issue. If you're involved with Linux a few command line and GRUB mods shouldn't bother you. If that IS the case have a look at this web page:
Automate OS switching on a dual-boot Linux system

An associate hacker told me of a utility that supplies this functionality, I'm waiting to get the name of it right now but with a little work the link above will solve your problem. I'll try to get back in the next day or two to post the name of the utility (depends on when I get it). In both cases, it requires the machine to boot into the ""current"" OS then re-boot to the other. So it's not with out its caveat."