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Is Fever any good? [closed]

Is Fever any good? [closed]

I've recently been examining my RSS situation, having been an Apple Mail user for the better part of two years. I recently started experimenting with NetNewsWire after discovering that I was able to read my feeds on my iPhone and on the web.

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"After using Fever for a couple weeks now,

An example of sparks: Digg, del.icio.us feeds, all different types of what you consider high volume/high noise feeds. Kindling would be feeds you actually care to read, say for example the StackOverflow blog.
I used to prefer the pane method but after using Fever I've come around as the way Fever shows the feeds allows (felt like forcing at first) me to go through feeds much more quickly and to actually deal with them rather than let them pile up.
That said there are keyboard shortcuts to mark items as read and unread: z will mark recently read items as unread. a wil mark an entire feed as read. See http://YOURDOMAIN/PATH/TO/fever/?shortcuts if you have it installed.
I use a Fluid instance on all my computers - keeps it separate from my other browsing (set to open any non-Fever link in my main browser however) and makes it feel more like a normal application. The iPhone web app I've found a bit buggy (mostly cosmetic) and the animations are quite choppy on my 3G. All in all I've come to avoid using Fever on my iPhone as much as I avoided NetNewsWire on my iPhone because of performance.
As you start to adapt to the way Fever best works the temperature is interesting with the most interesting bits rising to the top. It's worth the price tag if you check your feeds once, maybe twice a day but if you check all the time the advantage of bringing important news to the top I found tended to diminish (as often times you had already read it in your Kindling).

Summary: It's a different way of reading feeds and having to host it on your server is different but it's definitely my one and only feed reader now."