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Is iSCSI good for my situation?

Is iSCSI good for my situation?

I want to setup a file server for my own personal use. It will be accessed from a simple home network by about 5 computers, mixed between Linux (Ubuntu, usually) and Windows.

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An iSCSI target is presented to a host as a local disk. It is not suitable for sharing the same volume across multiple computers. You'll want SAMBA or NFS for this.
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"Well, iSCSI is just a block device, you need a file system. Problem being you need a shareable (cluster) file system that works with linux and windows. There are free (as in beer, 2TB limit), free as in open source (but non trivial to get running), and of course pay options.

There have been questions about this on serverfault.

win and lin, free as in beer to 2TB http://www.open-e.com/products/open-e-dss-v6-lite/

Linux only:
oracle's ocfs2, GFS, etc ......

And I expect there are others.

And several pay options."