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Is it my motherboard?

Is it my motherboard?

Early this week my home server (a Linux machine) threw a kernel panic. Yesterday is happened a couple of times. Then all of a sudden, when I plugged a USB stick in to run a memory test, the monitor stopped coming on. Now whenever I turn it on, the system gets power...I heard the drives spin, I see the processor fan spin, and the hard drive light comes on...but nothing happens. I put a video card in the AGP slot, but still nothing.

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Guest [Entry]

"Definitely sounds like a motherboard problem, but it could also indicate a power supply or CPU problem.

I'd strip the system down as far as you can (disconnect all drives, remove any PCI cards except possibly video), try it on a different PSU if possible, try it with a different CPU if possible. You can probably ""borrow"" a PSU from a home desktop system.

If you don't have (or can't get) replacement parts, though, you should look at replacing the motherboard/CPU entirely."