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Is it possible and logical to replace the screen?

Is it possible and logical to replace the screen?

My screen is out of the casing so that if I open the lap top the case comes up but the glass is still laying on the key board. As a result of closing it with this problem there is now also a small crack/missing piece in the top right corner. The screen doesn’t fit back into the casing (even temporarily) as there is something in the bottom right corner that sticks out a little (it’s a tiny piece of metal) that prevents the screen from fitting back in.

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It should be possible to replace the screen.

As the laptop is a fairly recent release, i.e. not that old, it would be preferable to try and fix it.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop.

Scroll to p.48 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD unit.

By following the steps hopefully you can ascertain what is the problem with the laptop’s display mounting assembly.

From p.65 on there are exploded views of the laptop’s parts including the display assembly and also the part numbers for the various parts which may also help if you need to order a new part.

If you search online using the appropriate LCD module part number (and any other part that you need) only in the search term of your browser you’ll get results for suppliers. The part number for the LCD panel is also usually printed on the back of the LCD panel so that you can verify that you have the correct part."
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"To add to @jayeff ‘s very helpful answer: I think the piece of metal Lauren is referring to might be the hinge connecting to the metal backplate. This might have come loose because it is only kept together by glue, which looses it’s strength after a while. It is a quite common problem for the Lenovo Yoga 500, 700, 900’s etc.

A possible solution is to glue it back together using a strong epoxy, this however requires you to take off the screen itself. For further instructions please see WiredDan’s very helpful posts on Lenovo’s forum:

Post explaining the problem: link.Post providing a solution: link."