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Is it possible to completly remove Ubuntu's video player "totem"?

Is it possible to completly remove Ubuntu's video player "totem"?

To watch videos, I use Mplayer, which works great. But Ubuntu insists on playing every video file it encounters with "Totem", which I guess is a video player.

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Guest [Entry]

"It's in the repositories under totem-gstreamer and totem-common, so you should be able to do it with:

sudo apt-get remove totem-gstreamer totem-common

Or by going into your favourite package manager and deselecting it there.

It looks like there's a dummy ""totem"" package that installs it all nicely, but for some reason in my installation of xubuntu it wasn't installed by default, so a sudo apt-get remove totem would just return ""Package totem is not installed, so not removed""

Updated the above to also remove totem-common, which it leaves behind."
Guest [Entry]

"Look into just resetting the file association for any video type files. This works exactly how you would expect it to and this way you can leave totem but choose your player. This article explains it step by step.

Ubuntu File associations"