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Is it possible to get rid of GRUB?

Is it possible to get rid of GRUB?

I have a Windows XP box with Ubuntu 8.04 installed on a separate partition. GRUB is defaulted to Ubuntu, which is annoying because most of the time I need to boot to Windows. I want to get rid of the Ubuntu partition, leaving Windows XP the only bootable operating system.

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"To remake the MBR to windows only, boot with a Windows boot disk and type;

fdisk /mbr

You could also boot to the recovery console, and use:


To change the order of operating systems without destroying grub, you can edit menu.lst in /boot/grub/ :

cd /boot/grub
sudo cp menu.lst menu.lst_backup
sudo gedit menu.lst

You can then either move the OS entries around the file (one at the top boots first), or find the line;

default 0

and change 0 to the number of the entry you would like to be selected by default."
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"you can also edit waiting time for windows....

you can get to recovery console by booting from Windows XP CD, then press R

you will be asked for administrator password.