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Is it possible to grow a volume in a Mac OS X partition?

Is it possible to grow a volume in a Mac OS X partition?

I'm using my main office server as a "poor man's Time Capsule" with Time Machine to back up my Mac OS X boxes. It works fine but I've just built a nicer/faster/bigger server so I wanted to extend the volume that my iMac is backing up onto.

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"I researched this topic myself some time ago and I didn't find any solution.

One article mentioned that there were ""very few programs"" that can do it, without supplying any information about the mentioned programs.

Gnu parted can resize HFS+, but it can only shrink not grow.
I also tried to find out if Partition Magic can grow HFS+.
There is no information about that on their website.
I didn't find out a support email address, they seem to only offer paid telephone support.

From all this I think there is no software that can grow HFS+."
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Disk Utility can resize most partitions just fine. You can also use diskutil resizeVolume from the command line (Terminal.app).