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Is it possible to uninstall or disable iTunes in OS X?

Is it possible to uninstall or disable iTunes in OS X?

iTunes is always popping up on my HTPC Mac Mini and I don't use it. It is running Snow Leopard if that makes any difference to the solution

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"Of course, check out the Apple support article, Removing iTunes for Mac OS X .
(note: no longer links to the expected article, appears to have been removed.)

UPDATE: Here's an article for removing iTunes in Lion."
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"If this is happening when you insert a Music CD or DVD then it's easy...

System Preferences > CDs & DVDs

In the drop down list labelled ""When you insert a Music CD:"" (or ""...DVD:"") select ""ignore""."
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"The terminal command doesn't work for me in OSX 10.8.5 anymore so I found a workaround.

Quit iTunes helper using Activity Monitor.
Give yourself permission to read and write using iTunes get info
Use dropDMG and make a disc image of iTunes in case you need iTunes for some reason
Find iTunes, right click ""show package content"", click Macos, send iTunes and helper 1&2 to the trash and delete
Never software update iTunes

Hope this helps"