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Is it safe to get dust out of a PC with an air blower?

Is it safe to get dust out of a PC with an air blower?

I use an air blower to dust the inside of my PC every few months. I keep the PC fans from turning when doing this to avoid turning them into dynamos and possibly causing damage to the electronics. I've been using this technique for years without problem as it's easier and cheaper than compressed air.

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"That blower is connected to your mains and its plastic nozzle could easily damage electronic components if it gets too close - which is an easy mistake waiting to happen (I know by experience ;)... same reason for not using a regular vacuum cleaner near or inside a PC.

Also note that component damage by static discharge is not always immediately or ever apparent (PC resetting or stops working when it happens) but are usually much more subtle like random crashes a few times a month or whatnot... it's a bit like network security, you can't really tell if you've been compromised or not."
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"The compressed air cans have a gas that will evaporate thoroughly without residue. )The liquid will evaporate, but it will cause water in the air to condense and freeze, so not a great idea to hold cans upside down when cleaning electronics.)

Air from a compressor will have condensation as well as possible compressor oil that can get on to your components. Unless specially equipped to filter that crap out, it probably would not be a good idea to use a compressor.

As stated, a electric blower can have static issues. If you're thinking about a gas blower, you potentially run into gas/oil residue. There won't be a lot of it by any means, but it can accumulate over time, and I wouldn't want ANY of it on my system.

I would suggest sticking with canned air, multipacks aren't THAT expensive and will last a long time."