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Is PC2700 ECC backwards compatible with PC2100 ECC?

Is PC2700 ECC backwards compatible with PC2100 ECC?

"Because if it's not, it should be!
I'm trying to get 2 x 1GB PC2700 ECC Registered DDR333 DIMMs (Micron brand) to work in my computer, but it won't POST: the computer starts, fans and hard drive spin up, but the monitors don't power up."

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"According to Super Micro's ""Test Memory List"" for the motherboard, PC2700 and PC3200 is supported.

The tested memory for PC2700 is:

ATP Electronics AG64L72T8SQB3C 512MB (Qimonda chips -- Qimonda is out of business)

The tested memory for PC3200 is:

Smart Modular Technologies SM6472DDR2N1-1 512MB (Qimonda chips as well)

When you say the system won't POST, I assume POST code of 00. What POST code are you really getting? If the memory isn't supported then you should get to a POST code in the 20's (28 is a common memory failure POST code). Your motherboard is supposed to try to initialize video and display the POST code on the top line.

Something to check is to make sure the DIMM modules are fully seated."