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Is the MIPS architecture more related to Harvard or Von Neumann?

Is the MIPS architecture more related to Harvard or Von Neumann?

I can't seem to figure this out from the related wikipedia pages:

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"See Wikipedia's Modified Harvard Architecture page on Harvard or von Neumann?:

Three characteristics of Harvard architecture machines may be
used to distinguish them from von Neumann machines:

Instruction and data memories occupy different address spaces. [...]
Instruction and data memories have separate hardware pathways to the central processing unit (CPU). [...]
Instruction and data memories are implemented in different ways. [...]

The last point is because of the original Harvard machine (stored instructions on paper tape, data in electromechanical counters), but is applicable to modern pure-Harvard chips like the PIC microcontroller, which use non-volatile memory to store instructions but volatile memory for RAM.

Now, given those distinguishing characteristics, how would you categorize the MIPS?"
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It's a Von Neuman architecture because of no separation between data and code memory. The intel 8051 is a Harvard and there is a separate memory for data and code and to fodepush ^ this IS mainstream.