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Is there a learnable filter in Thunderbird for non-spam messages (as in Opera Mail)?

Is there a learnable filter in Thunderbird for non-spam messages (as in Opera Mail)?

One feature I like very much about Opera Mail is that you can have learnable filters for any purpose. So not only can you filter spam messages but also messages that your friends sent you or info mails from web platforms without having to enter each and every mail address you want to filter. It actually works quite satisfying and you can combine it with string filtering, too. It does a few mistakes in the beginning but then improves quickly after you have removed some of the false positives.

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"There's the (experimental) TaQuilla extension:

It requires a nightly/beta version of Thunderbird 3.0.

It seems to operate similar to your description of how Opera Mail works. However, if your IMAP server supports storing tags properly it might get you some way towards what you're looking for.

There's a related discussion here:

It might be worth leaving a message explaining your use case there to see what the author thinks about it."
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If you're willing to use a third-party tool, POPFile can probably handle the filtering options you're looking for. However, it won't help you with keeping your local email client's folder structure in synch with that of your webmail client, and I don't know of anything that can. If there is such a tool, I'd like to know about it also.