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Is there a method to export the URLs of the open tabs of a Firefox window?

Is there a method to export the URLs of the open tabs of a Firefox window?

If I have a Firefox window open that contains 10 tabs, is there a way in Firefox or by a plug-in to get the URLs of those 10 tabs as a text file or some other format?

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"I found an add-on called Send Tab URLs that copies the URLs of all open tabs with the intention of sending them by email to someone. This add-on also allows the target of the URLs to be the clipboard as well as email so this solves my problem 100%.

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"No need to export anything.

Just save all the tabs in a folder (you already know how to do that), right click on folder, copy. Open notepad, paste.
Voila. All URL's of bookmarks in that folder."
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"Give a try to Export Tabs URLs (Firefox 48+)

It lets you either copy the current opened URLs list (optionally including their title) to clipboard or export it to a timestamped file."
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"The addon in the accepted answer is no longer available since the update to Firefox 57 in 2017.

Fortunately, there are many addons that provide the desired functionality of saving the URLs of open tabs to a text file. For example (in order of first release):

Save Tab URLs, first released December 6, 2017


Export Tabs URLs, first released July 1, 2019


Save Tab URLs to Markdown, first released September 11, 2019


I wanted HTML output and timestamps, so I made my own:

Save tabs to HTML file


(Disclaimer: I am the author of the last add-on.)"
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You might want to consider a similar add-on with different options, CopyAllURLs; especially if mailing is not a priority. -Isn't that 2 clicks ? It's in the context menu. [That linked page also lists 'alternative solutions']