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Is there a new virus affecting boot sector?

Is there a new virus affecting boot sector?

"This weekend I have been fighting a horrible scenario where TWO of my computers (XP with AVG) went into an endless Restart-loop.
Both of them could not load Fail-safe mode.
Both could not boot from CD for a clean Windows install (even though BIOS was set to ""CD boot"" as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd option).
The final solution was to connect the hard-disks of both machines to my third machine (Windows 7, no antivirus) through a USB external casing, and formatting them. Once formatted, I could put them back into their machines, and only then I could get the machines to boot from CD for a clean XP install!
Last night I heard a friend having a very similar problem: (XP with AVG) went into a endless Restart-loop, had to reinstall XP."

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"The boot sector is on the Hard Drive. The BIOS would be booting the CD before reading the boot sector on the hard drive, based on those BIOS settings. While your problem is interesting, I doubt that it is a virus.

In terms of preventing the problem...
I would run some diagnostics on your hardware and check your manufacturer's website for BIOS updates."