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Is there a NoScript alternative for Google Chrome?

Is there a NoScript alternative for Google Chrome?

I love using Google Chrome, but I don't like visiting sites that have embedded ads/pages that could have malicious JavaScript. Is there something like the Firefox extension, NoScript, for Google Chrome?

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"Check out Privoxy. Lifehacker has a great guide on how to set it up.

Privoxy supports stripping ads, Javascript and nasty pieces of HTML, as well as string-replacement for any web browser. I have used it in the past and I did not notice a speed difference."
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"Something a little different from NoScript but may be of interest: HTTP Switchboard allows you to block resources from loading, based on their URL and content-type. (Github repository)

Update: HTTP Switchboard has been replaced by uMatrix (advanced) and uBlock Origin (simple). Thanks to Quinn Comendant for the links.

I found it in this answer

Alternatively, to blacklist known trackers and widgets, you can try Ghostery. But that does not address the OP's desire, which was to block all Javascript until whitelisted."
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"You can use a startup parameter for your shortcut to block java, java script, images, and plugins by appending one of the following to the end of your google chrome shortcut:

Java : ""-disable-java""

Java script : ""-disable-javascript""

Plugins : ""-disable-plugins""

Images : ""-disable-images""

Taken from Lifehacker here."