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Is there a replacement for AniDisable for firefox 3.5?

Is there a replacement for AniDisable for firefox 3.5?

Anidisable is a very handy FF extension that allows to block animated gifs, but still allows to view them when you really want. Unfortunately, it hasn't been ported to FF 3.5 yet. Any alternatives?

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"Type about:config in your address bar
Search for image.animation_mode
Change the value to none

It will show the gif first frame, but will not display the animation.

Agreed, this is less handy then using an extension allowing you to set/unset animated gifs, as was the case with AniDisable. There's a nice tutorial for creating Firefox Extensions at http://roachfiend.com/archives/2004/12/08/how-to-create-firefox-extensions/.

I just inspected the plugin. It is indeed compatible with Firefox 3.5. Download it from http://www.siliconmethod.com/firefox/anidisable/ and follow these steps.

Rename the file extension to zip.
Open it with your favorite
Extract the file install.rdf.
Edit the following line
Change it to
Put it back in the zip file,
replacing the old file
Rename the zip extension back to
Install by selecting Open File...
from the Firefox File menu

AniDisable works by making changes to the above about:config setting. The changes it does to this setting (none, once, and normal) are still in effect as of Firefox 3.5."