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Is there a way to escape keyboard focus from adobe flash?

Is there a way to escape keyboard focus from adobe flash?

I've been trying to use the mouse less when web browsing. However, if a flash program gets the focus, it will capture the all the keyboard strokes, making it impossible to do anything without moving the mouse first. Is there any way around this?

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It seems this is a bug in Firefox that is over 8 years old without an easy fix, judging by the comments. There is an experimental add-on you may want to try called Restore Window Focus After Flash, but that is just one user's perspective on which hotkeys should work within flash, and how it should operate - it may work out well for you though.There are many possibilities on how to handle the situation, which are outlined in the bug report comments, although it seems Mozilla hasn't accepted any of them yet or taken action of their own.
Guest [Entry]

"On Windows, try the following:

press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager
press Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab until you get to the Processes tab
find plugin-container.exe in the list and press the Menu key or Shift+F10 to open the context menu
press T and Enter to kill the process tree
press Alt+Tab or Alt+Shift+Tab to switch back to Firefox and enjoy your Alt key again

This kills Flash support for the process, but since windows are processes in default config, you can press Ctrl+N it back."