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Is there a way to move the taskbar to another monitor?

Is there a way to move the taskbar to another monitor?

I am using Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 and three monitors. I would like for my taskbar to be moved to the third monitor. How can I get it over there instead of on my primary monitor?

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"Simple Way

If you have the Taskbar locked you’ll need to right-click on it and uncheck the option that says Lock the Taskbar.
Now here’s the big one…drag the Taskbar onto the other monitor! You can put it wherever you would like.

Using Software

Smart Taskbar can add a taskbar to each monitor

Using Keyboard

press either the Windows key or Ctrl-Esc to pop the Start Menu up
press Esc to close it. The taskbar now has the focus
press Alt-Spacebar to pop the context menu for the taskbar
press M to trigger the 'move' function
use the arrow keys to move the cursor to another edge of the monitor(s) or press one of the arrow keys and then move the mouse. The Taskbar is now 'attached' to the end of the cursor, so moving the cursor near one of the monitor edges will snap the Taskbar there

You can also select 'Size' (S) instead of 'Move' to easily resize the Taskbar.

Guest [Entry]

Typically, choosing your default monitor will move the task bar, but not always. This can happen if you have previously moved the start menu/task bar, or if you use software that manages your multi-display setup, like DisplayFusion. If you select a default monitor and your task bar doesn't move to the new default display, you can move it using the method described by joe.