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Is there a way to see all songs in iTunes which have "Skip when shuffling" option enabled?

Is there a way to see all songs in iTunes which have "Skip when shuffling" option enabled?

The iTunes application allows a track to be marked as "skip when shuffling", meaning it will never be played when the iPod is in shuffle (i.e. random) play mode.

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"If you are on Mac OS X, you could try the following AppleScript. It finds all the unshuffable tracks of the source you pick and puts them in a new, “dumb” playlist.

If you are on Windows, then maybe you could adapt the ‘logic’ of this script to whatever COM language you have at hand. See Windows Solutions section of Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes.

I don't have an iPod, so I could not test it with iPod tracks, but it worked to find ""unshuffable"" tracks in my normal library.

-- Pick a source (main library/iPod)
tell application ""iTunes"" to set allSources to sources
set possibleSources to {}
repeat with aSource in allSources
using terms from application ""iTunes""
if kind of aSource is in {library, iPod, device} then -- shared library, unknown
set end of possibleSources to contents of aSource
end if
end using terms from
end repeat
set sourceStrs to {}
set n to 1
repeat with aSource in possibleSources
using terms from application ""iTunes""

tell aSource to set end of sourceStrs to """" & n & "". "" & name & "" ("" & id & ""/"" & persistent ID & "")""
end using terms from
end repeat

choose from list sourceStrs without multiple selections allowed
set theSourceStr to first item of result
text 1 through ((offset of ""."" in theSourceStr) - 1) of theSourceStr as integer
set theSource to item result of possibleSources

-- Make a new (dumb) playlist to hold the found tracks
tell (current date) to ¬
set playlistName to ""Unshuffables on "" & short date string & "" at "" & time string
using terms from application ""iTunes""
tell theSource to set unshuffablesPlaylist to make new playlist with properties {name:playlistName}
end using terms from

-- Find all ""unshuffable"" tracks and add them to the new playlist.
using terms from application ""iTunes""
repeat with aPlaylist in library playlists of theSource
duplicate (tracks of aPlaylist whose shufflable is false) to unshuffablesPlaylist
end repeat
end using terms from"