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Is there a way to set up a default folder for Windows Explorer?

Is there a way to set up a default folder for Windows Explorer?

I often use Win + E to pop up Windows Explorer, and then I usually have to navigate down into a few network folders to find my primary directory. Is there a way to set this folder as the default so that Windows Explorer always opens to this folder?

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"Edit the following registry subkey:


If you change this subkey's default value to [ExploreFolder(""yourNetworkDrive"", yourNetworkDrive, %S)], you force Windows Explorer to start at the drive you specify.

Replace yourNetworkDrive with the drive you want. If the drive is mapped as S:, the string would be [ExploreFolder(""S:\"", S:\, %S)].

To present a single-pane Windows Explorer view, you can change ExploreFolder to ViewFolder."
Guest [Entry]

"I actually use a utility called WinKey to do something similar to this, without rerouting Win+E. I'm sure AutoHotkey could do the same thing. In fact, having said that, I think I just made some work for myself. :)

In WinKey (or soon, in AutoHotkey) I mapped Win+W to open a Windows Explorer window rooted at my standard ""workspace"" (thus, +W). This way I retain the standard Win+E, which I also use extensively, and right beside it is the hotkey to open my workspace.

OK, work's done. Here's a simple AutoHotkey script I'm now using for Win+w to open my workspace:

#w:: ;; Win+w
Run C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /n`, /root`, C:\workspace\

The command's commas are escaped with a backquote. Replace C:\workspace\ with whatever folder you want to view. Replace ""/root"" with ""/select"" if you want two-pane instead of single-pane.

Another example of autohotkey script here"