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Is there a way to start applications / services prior to Windows logon?

Is there a way to start applications / services prior to Windows logon?

This is something that has always been bothering me.

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"I would recommend using either ApplicationAsService or Basta Computing's AppToService

Each of these applications will allow your .exe to be run as a system service. It will start up when the system starts up. The downside here is that if your application does not have it's on web front end, you might have a problem getting to the interactive interface when you are running it as a service. Many apps have a management interface for just this kind of situation."
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"This is not a direct answer to your question, but recently I have found myself rarely booting my Vista laptop. By using the sleep and hibernation features of your laptop, you can reduce the number of reboots required.

Vista goes to sleep mode when I close the screen. It uses much less power in this state. It only takes a few seconds to recover from sleep mode, and all my applications are returned to the same state.

Vista can also hibernate. This means all the RAM is saved to the harddrive, then the laptop shuts itself off. When the laptop is powered on again, the RAM contents are restored from the harddrive. This takes more time than recovering from sleep mode, but it will likely be less time than a full reboot. Again, all your open applications will be in the same state.

My laptop is usually plugged in, so I usually just use sleep mode."