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Is there anything like Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) for Linux?

Is there anything like Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) for Linux?

I'm running Ubuntu and I'd like to create an image of my OS. Is this possible?

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"CCC is just a fancy front-end gui for rsync. I'm not sure if there is an equivalent for linux, but if you don't mind the command line, you can do what you want there:

rsync -a -x / /media/backupdisk/

Replace /media/backupdisk/ with whatever mount point your backup disk is attached to.

If you want the backup disk to be an exact copy, add the --delete flag:

rsync -a -x --delete / /media/backupdisk/"
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"If you want to make an image (byte for byte) you can always use dd.

dd (Unix) - Wikipedia"
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"You might wanna check out Clonezilla.
It's the one that comes close to all the other apps that I've come across online."
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once you get used to different options, you can transport the whole operating system from a computer to another with rsync (not to difficult to figure out the options, especially if you are just using local backups). unlike clonzilla, dd, etc, everything is extremely fast (100 times faster than ccc) and it does do incremental backups. i think it is is fantastic tool