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iTunes' clandestine proxy settings

iTunes' clandestine proxy settings

One user's iTunes consults a defunct HTTP proxy, but only for iTunes Store HTTP requests -- other iTunes web requests are unproxied. How do I dismiss this spurious proxy setting?

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Guest [Entry]

"Found it! iTunes.exe was apparently incorrectly enforcing disabled proxy settings from Mozilla Firefox, but only for iTunes Store connections.

In the affected user's prefs.js, the following was specified:

user_pref(""network.proxy.http"", """");
user_pref(""network.proxy.http_port"", 8080);
user_pref(""network.proxy.ssl"", """");
user_pref(""network.proxy.ssl_port"", 8080);

However, network.proxy.type was implicitly set to its default value of zero, meaning ""don't use a proxy."" I don't know if iTunes was calling out to the user's default browser (Firefox), partially parsing the prefs.js settings itself, or what.

In any case, I removed these settings via about:config, and all is well.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and thanks most to a sysadmin friend who suggested I search through the filesystem as well, rather than the just the registry."
Guest [Entry]

Have you tried using iTunes while logged on as a different user on that computer? Perhaps the proxy setting is stored in the user profile and all you need to do is create the user a new profile on the computer.