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iTunes alternative for Linux?

iTunes alternative for Linux?

I recently got an iPhone and would like to know how i could use it to sync with an iTunes like software on Linux.

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I think this is the best music player for Linux. Massive amount of features, but last time I check it was a little bit bloated. Just like iTunes :)

Unlike everything else on this list, Amarok is QT based. Which could be bad or good depending on your perception. However it works fine under Gnome.

Rhythm Box

Default music player for the Gnome desktop. Simple and straightforward.


Mono based GTK player, very similar to Rhythm Box.

Quod Libet

Simple, fast music player. In the vein of Foobar for Windows. Not sure if it is actively developed anymore. My second choice after Amarok.


Up and coming open source music player. I have yet to be impressed so far."
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"You should also check out Feed Flipper. It's a free online service that converts an iTunes-only podcast into a RSS feed which can be subscribed to from any RSS news reader, like Banshee/Rhythmbox/Amarok/etc.

Feed Flipper: http://picklemonkey.net/flipper/convert.php"