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Java kills sound on Karmic

Java kills sound on Karmic

Every time I run a java application, one of two things happen:

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"This is a problem that plagued me for a while -- luckily I figured out a workaround. The first thing to do is

sudo apt-get install alsa-oss

Then basically, prefix ""aoss"" to any java-based commands you run. So,

java app


aoss java app

And so on. This should alleviate your issues. Cheers."
Guest [Entry]

"pulseaudio --kill

Is, as you said, only a (a little annoying) work around , may be you need something more radical, in my experiments with the ""TERRIBLE"" linux sound management, i've found that pulseaudio is more an issue than a solution, my advice is to ERADICATE it, using a punctual (and reversible, of course) procedure, i could write it, but i've found it here:


Take this words ""cum grano salis"" even if was written for 8.10, trying to understand who are the parts interested on Linux audio management, maybe you can learn something. :-D"