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Key for 'ë' , e with a diaeresis, in windows [duplicate]

Key for 'ë' , e with a diaeresis, in windows [duplicate]

Is it possible to generate this symbol 'ë' i.e. e with a diaeresis from the keyboard in windows?

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Guest [Entry]

"Hold down ALT, and type 137 on the key pad on your keyboard. When you release ALT, it should appear.

ALT + 137


Check http://www.asciitable.com, or the ASCII table of your choice for the ASCII codes you can type in."
Guest [Entry]

"You have several choices.

Using alt+number, picking it from character map, etc.
For me, I simply switch to US-International keyboard.

In Vista:

control panel
regional and language options
keyboards and languages
change keyboards
English (United States)

After you switch to it, you can enter that by typing "" and e.

You can switch by selecting through the language bar or by binding it to a specific combination of keys.

This might be an overkill if you simply want that letter, but this also allows you to type in other accented characters easily."