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Keyboard keys being remapped in some application

Keyboard keys being remapped in some application

At least once a week one of my applications gets all screwed up and typing with the keyboard becomes impossible. Today it's an email in Outlook, last week it was AbstractSpoon's ToDoList. I was writing my email completely fine two minutes ago, then I did some surfing, came back to my email and now most of my keys are remapped to something else.

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Guest [Entry]

"Stupid Windows. I looked in the Regional Settings bit of Control Panel and there's a keyboard shortcut there to switch between languages, it's set to Left Alt+Shift for some reason (???).

So I must have pressed that shortcut and it switched to the French language. I pressed it again in Outlook and it's now back to normal again \o/

I turned that shortcut off and it should never happen again (touch wood)."