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Keyboard shortcut for creating a new folder or file? (Windows)

Keyboard shortcut for creating a new folder or file? (Windows)

Does anybody know if there's a keyboard shortcut equivilant to the right click -> New context menu in explorer?

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Guest [Entry]

"The ""simple way"":

Using the Keyboard Accelerator Keys

You can use the keyboard accelerator keys: Alt + F to bring up the file menu, and then W for the New menu, and then F for new folder. So your shortcut key sequence ends up being F + W + F with the Alt key held down. (Try it out)

Note: this combination depends on the language of your Windows system.

Alternative way 1:

Create your own shortcut like Ctrl + N with AutoHotKey

Script you have to hot key:

NOTE: ""Display full path in title bar""
must be checked in ""folder options"" of
Windows Explorer.

^N:: WinGetActiveTitle aTitle
InputBox, FolderName, Create New
Folder, What would you like to name
the folder?,

FileCreateDir %aTitle%\%FolderName%

MsgBox ""%FolderName%"" has been created
in ""%aTitle%"". Return

Alternative way 2:

mdAxelerator v1.0 (~26k)

It enables defining the shortcut key for creating new folder and making possible to change some other ""create new folder"" behaviours like default new folder name. This version works only with 2k/xp/2k3 (no nt 4.0 and 9x - sorry).

There are some useful features added like auto enter into just created folder.

Download link"
Guest [Entry]

"Ctrl+Shift+N to Create a new folder

This is a legacy command from win95, so it is available in all versions of windows since 95.
Best place for window shortcuts is the window help and support file. Just open Help and Support then search for keyboard shortcuts, it is just that easy. I print them out and give them to my older PC students to help them understand the OS better. Works every time."
Guest [Entry]

"Here's how it works:

Right-click the to-be-shortcutted file or application and select Create shortcut.
Move that shortcut anywhere you want. In the example above, I put mine in a folder, called keyboard shortcuts, specifically to manage these sorts of shortcuts from one place. (This step is entirely optional; you could just leave the shortcut in the same folder.)
Right-click the shortcut and select Properties. In the Shortcut tab of the Properties dialog, click in the Shortcut key input and type your preferred shortcut. Cick OK."