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Keyboard shortcut for moving a window to another screen

Keyboard shortcut for moving a window to another screen

When working with two (or more screens), a common problem is that launched applications appear on the "wrong" screen. I especially find this annoying when launching a text editor from the command line, because I have to leave the home row with my right hand in order to drag the window to the "right" screen before I can continue typing.

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"Autohotkey! This'll move between the monitors (two 1680x1050 monitors, set the value after Loop, to be each monitor's screen resolution/10 if you're different) on winkey (#) and q.
Control is ^, alt is !, shift is +, and letters are letters. You can use combinations of the modifiers, too.

#z:: ;Move the active window to the other monitor.
WinGetPos, winx, winy,,, A
WinGet, oldWin,ID,A
WinActivate, A
WinGet, mm, MinMax, A
WinRestore, A
If winx+5 >= 0 then
WinMove,A,, winx-(1680*mult), winy
if mm=1
WinMaximize, A
Guest [Entry]

in other versions of windows, you can right click on the taskbar, select "move" and then use the arrow keys to move the window across to the correct window... I only mention this because every now and then, I accidentally leave a window on the wrong monitor and then when I use my laptop at home, I can't see the window because it's off monitor. Took me a while to figure this out!