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Keyboard shortcut to hide/show Explorer navigation

Keyboard shortcut to hide/show Explorer navigation

Does Windows Explorer in Windows 7 have a keyboard shortcut that hides or shows the navigation pane?

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I don't believe there is a keyboard shortcut (I just tried all the ctrl/alt + alphabet keys, and none of them opened the navigation pane)
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"In Windows 8.1 (maybe Windows 8 & 7 too, one needs to verify this), you can add the Navigation Pane option to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can then use the Alt+{NumberKey} shortcut followed by the Enter key to show/hide the Navigation Pane.

For example: in my case, the Navigation Pane icon is the third item in the Quick Access Toolbar, so I would press Alt+3 and then Enter to turn the pane on/off.

This has improved my workflow tremendously. Hope it helps you too.

HowTo: Configure

open Windows File Explorer
right-click View tab
right-click Navigation Pane toolbar button
click Add to Quick Access Toolbar menu item

Screen Shots

Figure1: Right-Click Menu

Figure2: Quick Access Toolbar with Navigation Pane

Related Notes

With respect to the Quick Access Toolbar, it is important to note that:

Shortcuts are assigned left to right. For example, with reference to Figure2:

Alt+1 = show properties
Alt+2 = create new folder
Alt+3 = show/hide Navigation Pane

Shortcuts only work with the number keys at the top of a QWERTY keyboard. They do not work with the number pad number keys."
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"I can toggle the preview pane in Windows 10 by typing (with the Explorer window focussed): Alt V N Enter

Note that Alt is a separate keypress to go into the mode where you navigate the ribbon by keyboard."
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you may want to record an action and script it. you and use autohotkey to execute that script with a keyboard shortcut. http://www.autohotkey.com/
Guest [Entry]

"Here is a macro in PhraseExpress (freely available here):

{#shift {#tab}}{#sleep 500}{#shift {#tab}}{#sleep 500}{#down}{#sleep 500}l{#sleep 500}n

Note: sleep 500 makes it more stable."