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Killer power point presentations [closed]

Killer power point presentations [closed]

How can I hone my presentation to look out of the ordinary?

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"Don't read from the slides.

That is my #1 suggestion -- if, while you are speaking, the slide supports what you are saying, rather than showing the words that you are saying, you will be doing better than 98% of all powerpoint presenters.

After that, it's all based on the content and your speaking skills."
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"I think you should take inspiration from how Steve Jobs does it :)
Guest [Entry]

one thing that makes PPTs look crappy all the time is copy and pasted images with either a white or black background around an icon, where it should be transparent. Do yourself a favor, if you have any of these, edit it, because it causes me and probably others to think the creator isn't bright enough to clean up an image.
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"From Guy Kawasaki:

I am trying to evangelize the 10/20/30
Rule of PowerPoint. It’s quite simple:
a PowerPoint presentation should have
ten slides, last no more than twenty
minutes, and contain no font smaller
than thirty points."