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Killing the Finder, Spotlight "Dead" in Mac OS X

Killing the Finder, Spotlight "Dead" in Mac OS X

For music making, I am writing a bash script (well, list of pkills or my own updated version) in OS X to remove unnecessary CPU-using programs. Even if I am forced to reboot afterwards, I do not mind. I need CPU use (and memory use, perhaps more importantly) at a bare minimum.

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"Your performance gain by doing either of these is so miniscule as to not be worth it. If you have a pre-10.6 machine you can save a bit of RAM by not having too many items on your desktop.

If you insist you can add a quit option to the Finder with:

defaults write com.apple.Finder QuitMenuItem -bool YES

You have to restart for the Quit to show up, and you won't see what's on the desktop once you Quit the Finder.

Your command for spotlight is correct for the boot, but you can also specify other drives in place of /. You may find that Spotless shuts down more processes, and it is great if you are plugging in many drives and don't want them to automatically be indexed."