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Knowing which ethernet driver I need

Knowing which ethernet driver I need

I am trying to install Windows XP on my machine, but have misplaced my nVidia nForce 630i CD (I never needed it before). Now after installation, I used my Mac to download the latest drivers and install them. Weirdly, Windows says that the ethernet driver is not the one for the computer.

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"IF this is built in to the motherboard, the best and quickest thing you can do is just to turn on the machine and look for the motherboard model number in the bios, or startup flash screen.

(if you are unsure, it can be done in Windows through a WMI script, but I cannot quickly find it, if you want this method, write in comments and I will try to dig it up).

Google the model number or go to the manufacturers website, and you should be able to find the correct drivers that work for your motherboard.

Generally you can go to Nvidia's, Realtek;s e.t.c. website and download drivers directly, but if you are unsure on exact model numbers, the easiest and most guaranteed solution is just to use the original driver from the motherboard manufacturer and then update through Windows Update."
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"download and run SIW (standalone, English)

in the left hand column, under Hardware, click Motherboard to identify make and model, then download the driver from the mainboard manufacturer's website.

or click PCI and identify make and model of the ethernet controller, then download the driver from the supplier's website (e.g. Broadcom, Intel)."