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LAN Home Network with router + Wifi internet

LAN Home Network with router + Wifi internet

I have Windows 7 64bit, a Belkin router, and a Wifi usb card.

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Guest [Entry]

"I assume that you have Win7 Home and cannot apply the simple solution of :
Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy / Network List Manager Policies, double-click your network, tab Network location, and set its type to Private.

For Home, use this thread which is for Vista but will probably work for Win7:
Vista Network Identification for Loopback Adpater.
As registry changes are required, I advice to create first a system restore point.

If you make the following modification
to the registry, Vista will ignore
your adapter in the Network and
Sharing Center and always consider
that adapter on a private network.

Open regedit and navigate to the

There will be multiple keys with
similar names, the key is that the
default value on this one should read
'Network Adapters'.

Under that key there will be a bunch
of subkeys (depending on how many
network adapters you have installed)
and they will be four digit numbers,
such as 0008. So you have to find the
key that corresponds to the network
adapter you want to modify; use the
DriverDesc value to help you identify

Once you have found the key, add a
DWORD value to the key called
""*NdisDeviceType"" with a DWORD value
of 1. Note: common mistake is to
leave off the asterisk, which should
be included as part of the value name.

For more information on the values for
this setting, check here.

Essentially you are setting the device
to be an endpoint mapper which causes
Vista to ignore it but still leaves it
functional as a network device.

Usually you have to disable and then
enable the network adapter in the
Network Connections control panel in
order for this to take effect. In
some cases you may also need to
Guest [Entry]

"I looked around and found this windows 7 tutorial.


It even has a video of how to do it. What you need to realize is that these default network types are configurable. You may need to do some additional tinkering to relax the security to make life easier. There are some extra features in windows that is supposed to make it easier to have a protected share. Here's another tutorial that talks about setting up a Win 7 box to allow people to connect to it. It mainly has some screens on how to get to the network type configurations. You will need admin privileges to move from public to home or work.


I have a feeling though that even if you go through the process of getting windows 7 to recognize the network correctly it may still not work. Unless you have setup the windows XP system to chare files, you may still have problems. XP is a lot more annoying to get setup especially since home and pro require different procedures to get working. I've seen a number of questions on the topic of ""Setting up windows XP to share files"" here on superuser. I do have yet another tutorial on how Microsoft says you should do this.


It's not perfect, but should get you going in the right direction.

Hope this helps."