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LAN messenger for Windows with features like Google Talk [closed]

LAN messenger for Windows with features like Google Talk [closed]

Currently we are using Google Talk as messenger at our work place. Now we are supposed to replace it with some LAN based messenger. It should have at least following features chatting ( if logs are stored some where than it is good ), File sharing. Thanks.

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Guest [Entry]

"you could run openfire

it uses jabber (the same protocol as gtalk) so your learning curve is minimal - its free, with the option of support (with some paid plugins) and fairly simple to set up and run. management is through a web interface. Its free and open source as well, and runs on windows or linux"
Guest [Entry]

"I can only recommend LANTalk.NET, it is not free but shareware, you can try before you buy.

Key Features

* File transfers replace e-mail attachments
* Broadcast Messaging for instant broadcasting
* Terminal Server Support
* Serverless operation with live contact list
* Paste images from clipboard
* Internal Scheduler
* HIPAA friendly instant messenger
* Active Directory support
* Offline delivery
* Graphical Emoticons and Embedded Images
* Configurable user interface
* Read-Only and Reply-Only modes to restrict social chatting
* Printing support
* Fast Replies
* Multilanguage support
* Conversation History
* Automatic Check for Updates
* Message priority"
Guest [Entry]

I have used Borgchat mostly because of its Multilanguage support and easy access to other Computers shared folders.
Guest [Entry]

I would recommend Teamtalk. Teamtalk offers Chat, File Sharing & Remote Desktop all in one tool. Also, it works with both Windows & Mac.