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Laptop can't see any wireless network, but still connects to one

Laptop can't see any wireless network, but still connects to one

I recently moved and had to re-setup a new wireless network at home. Unfortunately, my laptop can't seem to see any wireless network (the available wireless network list is always empty). There's a non protected wireless network near my home, and even though it doesn't appear in the list, it automatically connects to it. Using my girlfriend's laptop, I can tell that there is about 10 networks in the area (including mine). My laptop doesn't see any of them. I must have triggered something because I never had any problem of the kind before.

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What usually works for me is just to going to Device Manager and right clicking on the card and clicking Uninstall. After that all I have to do is click Scan for Hardware Changes. And it reinstalls and works
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"Since you aren't getting ANY wireless signals the first thing I would check is that you didn't accidentally turn the switch for the wireless off. Many laptops have a switch to manually turn off the wireless.

If that switch is on then I would make sure the device is enabled in the Device Manager:

Right click on Computer/Manage/Device Manager

Make sure there is no issue with the wireless network adapter."
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"follow this steps, maybe a virus change this settings at registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Ndisuio

there look for

Start key, value must be hexa 3 (""Start""=dword:00000003)
Tag key value must be hexa C (""Tag""=dword:0000000C)

close registry and reboot.
After boot check networks."