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Laptop Overheating. Is there a way to cool it?

Laptop Overheating. Is there a way to cool it?

I have a laptop that's running on the following:

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"80c core GPU or CPU?

If it's 80c GPU you are well within acceptable levels. Expect up to 90c without many concerns, although it would help to know your GPU make and model.

If it's 80c CPU then you do have a problem. You should check your BIOS settings to see if you are inadvertently limiting the fan performance.

After your comments on this post, there's no doubt really you have some kind of problem. That card, from a cursory look on the web, should run somewhere between in the 50c to 80c range. Hmm... ok:

Put the back of your hand near the
exhaust areas of your laptop. Do you
feel air flowing out? At that temp
fans should be working at full speed.
You should feel a relatively strong
rush of hot air.
During computer normal operations
(without playing a game) do you hear
the fans starting and stopping,
especially as you fire up
applications or perform processor
intensive tasks? This is an indicator
your CPU thermal monitor is working
and the CPU fan too. If you can tell
if the noise is coming from the HDD
or the CPU fan, use a CPU intensive
application to test it (the HDD fan
will stay quiet). For instance:
Download FurMark. Let the
computer idle for 10 minutes to cool
down some. Start it and do a stress
test of any kind. Do you hear a fan
starting and getting increasingly
more noisy? This is an indication
your GPU thermal monitor is working
and the fan too.

If all is working as expected, you must have a fabrication defect. Those temperatures aren't normal. If you are still under the warranty send it to be fixed. If not, send it to your local PC repair shop and have it fully cleaned."
Guest [Entry]

Laptops run hot, not much you can do about it. Using a stand or a chillmat (like you mentioned) is one of the better ways of keeping it cool.
Guest [Entry]

I've had a similar problem with my Dell Latitude D820. It turned out that the cooling element had become loose from the GPU, effectively running it without any cooling. Send your laptop to maintenance.
Guest [Entry]

Do what we had to do in the days of the ZX Spectrum 16K .... balance a glass of cold milk on it.