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Laptop screen resolution advice - how dense is too dense? [closed]

Laptop screen resolution advice - how dense is too dense? [closed]

I'm currently in the process of deciding what kind of laptop I want to buy.

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"For a period of time, I used a sony vaio tx that has a 11.1"" lcd with 1366x768 resolution. 1 hour into working with it, my eyes started to tear, and I just told my colleagues that I was crying because i was broke and had no money for lunch. :)

1440x900 is a good resolution for a 15"", trust me on that. Make sure the notebook has DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort out so you can always connect to a bigger LCD monitor when you need the higher resolution.

1920x1080 on a 15"" is non-sustainable for long periods of staring at the screen - it gets really uncomfortable.

You will curse yourself... if you get the 1920x1080 panel."
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"I think this is a very personal decision and no one can really answer this. I wear glasses - have for nearly 20 years. My sight has been pretty steady since then. And I PREFER high resolution screens? How high? I have an 8 year old Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop with 1600x1200 in a 15"" display. I LOVE IT. I've never had ANY difficulty reading it. I don't replace it in part because I can't find that screen size anymore. I don't WANT a WIDE screen laptop - it's getting too bulky - but to get a resolution even close to that (the last time I looked), I'd have to get a 17"" screen. So I stick with old reliable. Frankly, I'd be ecstatic if I could get DESKTOP monitors that were 15"" AND 1600x1200.

My advice - go to a local computer store and check it out. Or find one with the same screen size and resolution if you can't find the same laptop.

As much as I like to get high resolutions, as a consultant, I've seen plenty of people that complain about them. This is why the decision is yours and you need to witness for yourself and decide for yourself."
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"Depends. I had a display that size that was 1600x1200 and liked it just fine, and I'm ok with my HP 2133 with a 9"" 1280x768, but I'm a little near sighted, and have been know to get perscription glasses just for using the computer, so I will go a long ways for more pixels.

I'd go for the high def screen, perhaps get some reading glasses."