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LCD Monitor Warm Up Issues?

LCD Monitor Warm Up Issues?

I was replacing my father's computer this past weekend, and he brought up a problem he'd been having with the "new" monitor my cousin recently gave him. ("New" is a very relative term; this monitor was new to my father, but definitely a couple years old. Unfortunately, I don't remember the manufacturer and model number.)

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"Dead no, last legs, yes!

It really depends on make/model, but this usually means a problem with the back-light / control circuit.

If it is a ""few"" years old, it may be worth seeing if the manufacturer has a 3/5 year warranty you can claim on.

I had this on a old Samsung monitor, I used it on a server where I only needed to turn it on once every week or so for 20 minutes, it lasted a further 2 years before it finally died (but this was low usage), if you are using it constantly, it would most likely be quicker so get a standby monitor ready!"
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"Yes, It sounds like the capacitors in the power supply are about to go out. This is a very common problem. We repair monitors all the time with issues like you are having. Here is a link to a web page that shows what to look for on the power supply board and what needs to be changed to repair the board.

If you can solder then you should be able to repair your power supply board yourself. If normally involves replacing from 4-10 blown capacitors and then the unit will be as good as new. It's worth checking it out before you trash the monitor.

You could try looking at CCL-LA"