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Leave Internet on while Computer is on Sleep

Leave Internet on while Computer is on Sleep

I want to know if I can leave just my internet connection online while my MacBook is hibernating or sleeping. Because when my computer goes asleep it disconnects from the internet, and I need my FTP server running. Its a pretty straight forward question.

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Guest [Entry]

"If you're running a straight FTP server, the only way to keep it online for general access is to prevent the computer from sleeping. Even if you were able to somehow keep the NIC active during sleep, the FTP server is software that runs on the operating system, and the OS halts completely when sleep occurs.

Wake-on-LAN is irrelevant here since you're running an FTP server open to the Internet. (Internet = WAN ≠ LAN)

The one workaround here that may apply to your situation would be to allow Wake-on-LAN in Energy Saver preferences, allow the computer to sleep, and keep it behind a router that is capable of sending the magic WOL packet. As long as it's only you that needs to access the FTP server, you would be able to leave your computer asleep, and then when you need it from a remote location on the internet, you would first access your router's http interface, wake up your FTP server from that, and then connect to the FTP server."