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Lenovo T60 maximum resolution issue with Windows 7

Lenovo T60 maximum resolution issue with Windows 7

I just replaced the LCD on my Lenovo T60 running windows 7. The LCD works just fine but windows is reporting the maximum resolution as 1024x768 when it should be 1280x1024. I've tried uninstalling both the video card and display from device manager as well as downloading the latest drivers from lenovo, but windows refuses to let me set the correct resolution. I even tried messing with the registry with no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Download a Linux Live CD such as Ubuntu, and see if you can make the resolution go any higher.

I replace and use hundreds of LCDs in laptops and I only had this issue once when I was shipped ones with the wrong resolution! It is possible that the same has happened.

If you are able to go to a higher resolution in Ubuntu or your live cd of choice, come back and I will try to help further."