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Lenovo Thinkpad SL500 and Keyboard Flexing

Lenovo Thinkpad SL500 and Keyboard Flexing

I was testing a Thinkpad SL500 system at a local store and found the flexing of the keyboard to be quite a deal breaker for me; it was flexing quite prominently with very little pressure applied. I find it hard to believe that a business grade laptop should have this problem as a consumer grade laptop that I own (Dell Inspiron 1526) has very little keyboard flex and one needs to apply a lot of pressure to notice it.

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"The SL-series are cost-reduced and not built quite as well as more traditional ThinkPads. The R-series are usually better built, but the best quality ThinkPads are the slim T-series and X-series (the ultraslim lightweight 's' models flex slightly more, as they have carbon-fibre instead of the titanium roll-cages).

ThinkPads in general are not as well built as the older IBM-era ones, in my opinion, but they are still built very well, and much less expensive than they used to be. I'm on my sixth ThinkPad, an X200s, which has a very slight amount of keyboard flex when I press down on the right side of the keyboard (on the P key)."