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Less daunting front end for SQL Server

Less daunting front end for SQL Server

We currently have a few users who have been using Access very succesfully to throw around large amounts of data.

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"Why not stay with MS Access as front end? Just re-create all your tables as linked tables and you have all the same functionality like you used to have.

Edit: just saw you explicitly mentioned that in your question. I beg to differ though. If the user can browse a sql server and their databases with any tool, they can do it with MS Access especially with the linked table wizard. I don't think you will find something ""simpler"" than that."
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"Microsoft LightSwitch is [INCREDIBLE] at developing rapid UIs based on SQL Server databases for both General CRUD Operations as searching an analyzing tables.

Download the trial here, $199 worth every cent, and if your firm has VS Professional or enterprise, it's free.


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"I'd recommend using Excel. I believe this works in versions prior to 2007 but I'll give a 2007 how to.

On the Data tab select From Other Sources
Select From SQL Server
Fill in connection information
Select the table you'd like to view

A more through answer can be found in the Office Help Article: Use Microsoft Query to retrieve external data"
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"I would definitely go with MS Access as a front end. Setup multiple databases with logical groupings of linked tables.

This means that it relatively transparent to the users, they shouldn't notice any major change. The skills they have learned using Access are still being used."