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Lexmark C530dn work around for "88 Replace color cartridge" message?

Lexmark C530dn work around for "88 Replace color cartridge" message?

Any one come across this situation. I've got a Lexmark C530dn printer, its color cartridges are empty but I'm only printing in black anyway. In the past it would just complain about the color cartridges when I first turn it on but then it would allow me to print.

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"There's a way to enable ""Black & White"" only mode.

Unfortunately, it unnecessarily requires you to remove all the color supplies from the printer. A strange product design decision by Lexmark.

Turn off your printer.
While holding the OK and Right Arrow buttons, power on the printer.
Keep holding until you see that it has entered the Configuration Menu.
From there, select Black Only Mode option and set it to On.
Select the Exit Config Menu option and wait for it to reset.
Open the printer door and remove all six color supplies: the three color toner cartridges and the three corresponding photo-conductors. (Follow on-screen instructions if needed.)
Power off and on and you should be good to go. No more complaints about low CYM toner.

Remember to set your programs to print in B&W.