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LG DVD writer shows Bluebirds application software everytime

LG DVD writer shows Bluebirds application software everytime

I bought 4 new LG DVD writers and all four writer shows blurbirds.exe named application inside it. EVen if i insert any cd or DVD it won't detect anything but shows thosde 4 files only

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"According to this post, LG has a firmware update for drive model GH22NS50 available here that removes the Bluebird software. Make sure your drive model matches before applying this firmware. If you have a different model, check LG's site for an updated firmware for your drive.

Edit: Other things to try:

Test one of the drives on Windows XP/Vista/Win7 to see if the Server 2008 is getting in the way of your firmware updates working.
It probably won't help, but try contacting LG support.
Return the defective drives to the retailer. Get 4 more drives -- consider buying a different model of drive; preferably one without the special Bluebird c**p.(This one's my favorite solution to brand-new hardware that's not doing what it's supposed to be doing.)"