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Light weight Linux to go on Windows 7

Light weight Linux to go on Windows 7

I am looking for non gui based linux that I can set it up as guest os using Virtual box on Windows 7. Any ideas?

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Ubuntu Server is probably a really easy to go (though I haven't tried it in Virtual Box). You can have it automatically install LAMP for you during the install process.
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"Another good server distribution is CentOS. It's similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is a good place for people starting out with Linux.

But if all you want is a web server stack, there are Windows versions of the entire Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack. Try Googling for XAMPP or WAMP."
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"I have been using Portable Ubuntu for awhile:

Seems to work pretty good."
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"A lot of distributions that start without a GUI will contain only the bare basis needed to be able to install everything you want. If you would want my opinion then check out Gentoo Linux:

Gentoo Linux, a special
flavor of Linux that can be
automatically optimized and customized
for just about any application or
need. Extreme performance,
configurability and a top-notch user
and developer community are all
hallmarks of the Gentoo experience."