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Limited or No Connectivity Problem

Limited or No Connectivity Problem

I am having a problem with the wired network connection. My Wireless connection works fine but when I try to connect with the wired adapter, it stays limited and no connectivity. I don't even have access to the local network. This isn't a router problem since my collegue is on the same network and doesn't have any problems.

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Guest [Entry]

"So... turns out nothing is wrong...

I copied the IP that the Wireless adapter was using and inserted everything manually in the TCP/IP config.

However, I am still bugged why it is not connected with the Obtain an IP address automatically. Up until a week ago, it was connecting with these settings.

When using automatically obtain addresses, it is setting up invalid IPs which aren't local. For instance, a valid local IP is while it is setting it up to

If I try to renew the IP when using Obtain Automatically I get the following error:

An error occured while renewing interface Local Area connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

The DHCP server is working well for all my collegues so it has something to do with my system. Maybe the DHCP client isn't working properly? However, this is enabled in the admin tools/services

Any ideas?"