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Linux, can a home directory be symlinked?

Linux, can a home directory be symlinked?

I have a second large storage hdd mounted in Ubuntu in /media/storage. I would like my home directories for me and all future users of the system to be located on this storage drive as well.

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Guest [Entry]

"What you describe is one strategy that will work.

Another would be mounting the drive at /home directly, instead of at /media/storage. If you did this you'd probably want to move any existing data into other folders so you don't end up with extra /home/foo subdirectories.

The main potential problem with both strategies is that no home directories will be available if mounting the storage drive fails for some reason. If that happens, the symlink strategy will probably fail harder; the direct-mount strategy will leave an actual directory, so programs that attempt to access /home/foo will fail, but simply accessing /home will still succeed."