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Linux command line tool for video editing?

Linux command line tool for video editing?

I would like to combine two videos into one. The first video should cover the entire screen. The second video should cover a smaller area at the upper right the screen (thus overlapping the first video).

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"Fascinating problem. I do not have a out-of-the-box solution but a couple of leads and alternate ways of doing that.


See this page they used imagemagick toolkit and some bash scripting (scripts available on the site). They needed to do something more complex than you need, but I suppose the technique is the same.
There are also various plugins available for FFmpeg. This watermark plugin uses an animated GIF on the main video. Again... different task, but I assume the code is highly recyclable for your ends.

Alternative ways of doing it

Record them simultaneously! You can use for example cheese to keep a shot of the teacher in the corner of the screen, and recordmydesktop to record the screen as a whole.
Use a video editor like OpenShot or Cinelerra to do the composite after you recorded separately the two videos.

Hope this helps you a bit in finding your way to solve the problem. Best luck!"